Faery Scouts

This site is under construction, and likely will be for quite some time.

After watching her older brother thrive in Boy Scouts, Spritely underwent a long and fruitless search for a similar program for girls. Though she's quite the girly girl, she hoped for a program that would challenge her to become better and stronger...as Boy Scouts had for her brother. What she found were a series of programs that either coddled girls, encouraged them only to be good housewives, or were so poorly designed they were no fun for anyone. At the age of 8, Spritely became so frustrated, she decided to just design her own program.

We HIGHLY encourage others to comment and share their ideas in the development of this program. There are discussion sections on every page of this wiki, and you are welcome to directly message the owner too. The program is being designed by Spritely and her mother, with outside help wherever they can find it. This site is managed by Spritely's mother.

There are two levels to Faery Scouts.
Faery Scouts for ages 5+
Faery Guides for ages 10+

Troupe Leaders